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July 1st - 8h30-19h00
ScilabTec'09 - the first Scilab Users’ Conference

A unique opportunity for the Users’ Community to meet, exchange and discover the latest technical developments inside and around Scilab.

Since the creation of the initial Scilab Consortium in 2003, the free numerical computation platform Scilab has been continuously improved.

Nowadays, Scilab is used worldwide both in research and education fields as well as in the industry. The conference addresses the latest technological developments both in terms of new functionalities included in the current 5.1 release and in terms of major technical trends for the future releases, with a special emphasis on HPC, multicore and GPU technologies.

Among the highlights of the conference: interoperability with related scientific software, major complementary toolboxes, major features of Scilab 6 (the future native 64 bits release).

8:30 ‐ 9:00 Coffee
9:00 ‐ 9:10 Welcome speach
Claude GOMEZ, Consortium Scilab
9:10 ‐ 9:55 Keynote: National Mission on Education through ICT: Open Source Software
Kannan MOUDGALYA, IIT Bombay
9:55 ‐ 10:40 Scilab 6: What's new?
Bruno JOFRET, Consortium Scilab
10:40 ‐ 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 ‐ 11:30 Scilab on Multi‐Cores, Clusters & Clouds with ProActive Parallel Suite
Denis CAROMEL, INRIA Sophia Antipolis ‐ Méditerranée
11:30 ‐ 12:00 Targeting the Scicos Codegenerator for embedded applications
Roberto BUCHER, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland
12:00 ‐ 12h30 Scicos code generation for embedded microcontrollers: examples based on the FLEX boards
Paolo GAI, Evidence
12:30 ‐ 14:00 Lunch
14:00 ‐ 14:30 Scilab and modeFRONTIER integration: Optimization of a pipe network for water

Andrea PIUSSI, Enginsoft Italy
14:30 ‐ 15:00 Grocer: Scilab Toolbox for Econometricians
15:00 ‐ 15:30 Coffee break
15:30 ‐ 16:00 Use of SciLab for space mission analysis
16:00 ‐ 16:30 GreenScilab: A toolbox simulating plant growth and architecture
Paul‐Henry COURNEDE, Ecole centrale de Paris
16:30 ‐ 17:00 Conclusion
Claude GOMEZ, Consortium Scilab
17:30 ‐ 19:00 Cocktail


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