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Workshop 2

July 1st - 9h00 to 12h30
HPC and Life sciences

Chairman : Dr. Marie-Christine SAWLEY, CMS Institute for Particle Physics - ETH Zurich

Quantitative life science aims at study systematically relations between molecules, cells and organisms, opening new paths to scientific discovery. Fundamentally interdisciplinary, this field makes large use of mathematics, physics, chemistry, image processing and high performance computing. This workshop will give the opportunity to measure the important progress made in pharmacology, medical imaging, bioinformatics, biological system modeling and applications in clinical medicine thanks to HPC, with a particular perspective from industry and society.


Drug induced effects on the heart: Insights from High Performance Computing simulations
By Dr. Blanca  RODRIGUEZ, Oxford University Computing   Laboratory (UK)


Applications and perspectives of HPC  in Pharma: the example of  Merck Serono
By Dr. Friedrich RIPPMANN, Director bio and  Chemoinformatics DA, Merck Serono (Germany)


From Diffusion MR Image Analysis to Whole Brain Connectivity Simulation
By Prof. Jean-Philippe THIRAN, Centre d'imagerie   biomédicale EPFL (Switzerland)

10h30-11h00 Pause

Biomolecular Science and Data Intensive Informatics
By Dr.  Graham CAMERON, Associate Director European Bioinformatics Institute (Cambridge, UK)


From avalanche of biological data to system modeling
By Dr. Ioannis XENARIOS, Director Vital IT (Lausanne, Switzerland)


Role of HPC in medecine
By  Dr Arthur THOMAS, CEO Proteus Associates (UK)


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