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Wednesday, June 15 - Application Workshop

Workshop 01 - 9:00 to 12:30 am

Technological Changes
and Mutation of Professions

Chaired by Philippe Bricard, CEO, UCit

Within its workshops framework, the Teratec Forum has always favored technological or application themes at the cutting edge for their uses. With a focus on the human side of technology, this workshop intends to exemplify the daily work of engineers and scientists.

The HPC engineer (as we call him/her) administers supercomputers, develops their applications that will make most of their performance, and exploits their results. At the cutting edge of technical progress, from school benches to companies or research centers that employ them, professionals must constantly adapt to the world transformations that surround them.

Today Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence already transform their daily life for them to turn the promises of quantum computing into concrete realities tomorrow. While the youngest among them have different aspirations than their elders, they have shown readiness to become agile by collaborating and using complex infrastructures as well as services and have also gained the ability to adjust to remote teleworking. Everyone will go on with one’s own preference and advantage. More than their elders, they show greater concern about climate change and bring a different perspective on our connected worlds.

During this workshop, we will meet a number of them.

Workshop agenda :

  • Introduction of the workshop and perspective taking of the major transformations that "HPC Engineers" are going through by Philippe Bricard, CEO of UCit.

  • Sebastien Cabaniols, HPC Engineer at HPE will come back through a presentation of his career with more than 20 years of HPC Engineer career, on what is changing and what has not changed... thus giving the keys of the Future...?

  • Thomas Zamolo, Professor at ISAE will present all means implemented at Sup’ Aero to offer students and researchers the resources needed to learn and implement collaboration, visualization or simulation tools with better learning conditions, in order to cope with situations of confinement and remote access that may arise?

  • Pascal Bouvry, PhD +idem /FR in Computer Science at the University of Grenoble, currently CEO of LuxProvide SA (Luxembourg Computing Center part of the EuroHPC Supercomputer Network) will present the European HPC Master's program, with its first student cohort starting their teaching course in September 2022.

  • Looking ahead to a more "uncertain" future, Sylvain Ferrari, Vice-President in charge of external relations at ENSTA Paris and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, will present the initiatives to which the Institute is actively contributing in the fields of research and innovation related to HPC, mainly quantum computing with the EduQuantum program, but also the Quantum and Hi! Paris centers for Artificial Intelligence.

  • We will finish this overview with an expert who will enlighten the impact of AI on HPC occupations and their transformations. Engineers will be both daily users of learning or intelligent systems that will transform their relation to work, and they will also be the actors of change by integrating those principles of AI into the very products and systems they design.

  • Finally, a round table will allow to interact with the audience around these themes

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