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Head of Engineering Methods & Tools Architecture & Integration




The Airbus group is a leading aircraft manufacturer, holding about 50% of the world market for airliners with more than 100 seats. Airbus designs and then manufactures new aircraft in connection with several partners and sub-contractors, and investment in the development of modeling and simulation - hence high performance computing - is key to the future of the Company.

Airbus area of interest in high performance computing range from finding hardware resources (in-house as well as external rented) to maximizing computing efficiency (grid computing systems), as well as improving parallel solvers (scalability and robustness) and parallel integration (parallel solver tight coupling).

Airbus is actively following these goals in several French (Aerospace Valley Mosart or SYSTEMATIC Epoch for ex.) or European (Crescendo for ex.) projects, as well as own projects with main European stakeholders (FuSim).


Airbus interest in TERATEC is both in potentially renting HPC resources (when the high performance link between Ile de France and Midi-Pyrénées planned in the frame of Aerospace Valley will enable it), as well as in the 'new research projects foundry' role of the association.

Airbus is involved in the SYSTEMATIC Epoch project, in a coordinated effort with AeroSpace Valley Mosart project.

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