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Plenary session
Thursday 24 June 2021 (morning)

Building a universal fault tolerant quantum computer
Théau Peronnin, Co-founder and CEO, Alice & Bob

Quantum computers promise a dramatic speedup for certain critical applications thanks to the exotic properties of quantum mechanics. But the first generation of quantum processors, such as the Sycamore chip by Google, are struggling to maintain their quantum coherence and thus can not deliver this speedup. To overcome this challenge, one must resort to error correction which would require a tremendous overhead. Alice&Bob drastically simplifies this challenge beforehand by redesigning the building block, the qubit, so that it directly incorporates error correction in it. Its unique technology of superconducting cat qubits will allow an universal and fault tolerant quantum computer to be built a decade earlier than previously envisioned. Other players, such as AWS, are now following Alice&Bob's footsteps in this promising approach.

Biography : Théau Peronnin, 28, is the CEO and co-founder of Alice&Bob. After studying at the Ecole Polytechnique, he specialized in quantum physics at the ENS, and continued with a PhD in experimental quantum physics on the modular architecture of superconducting circuits for quantum computing at the ENS in Lyon. During his PhD, he met Raphaël Lescanne who developed the first prototype of a cat qubit. Together, they realized the first demonstration of autonomous quantum error correction. At the end of their PhDs, Théau and Raphaël co-founded Alice&Bob in February 2020 to develop the first universal error-free quantum computer using this technology."

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