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Wednesday June 23

Workshop 04 - 16:00 to 18:00

Satellite data dedicated to environment and climate: Digital twins ahead

Chaired by Laurent Boisnard, Sous-directeur adjoint, CNES and Christelle Loiselet, Expert engineer, BRGM

The platform dedicated to Earth's twin
By David Convers, Solution Developer & Analytics Product Owner, Airbus Defense & Space and Frédéric Gille, Industry Business Consultant Senior, Dassault systèmes

Since the 1970s, Earth observation data has greatly improved our understanding of environmental phenomena, human activities, their impact and the local and global changes that affect our planet. This has led to the emergence of key applications such as weather, biodiversity monitoring, large-scale mapping, etc. Our societies today cannot do without the benefits provided by these technologies. Two trends are disrupting these applications and have the ability to leverage the benefits of Earth observation for sustainable, institutional and scientific economic uses:

  1. With the multiplication of satellites in orbit, the volume of data available will become considerable from 2021 and will allow a regular observation of the whole Earth, at resolutions in constant progression

  2. The rise of artificial intelligence and cloud capabilities will enable rapid analysis of this data, and thus extract trusted information and then disseminate it quickly via online platforms, removing the main barriers to their use

The combination of these two technological levers makes it possible to generate indicators based on reliable and justifiable information, which correlated will make it possible to anticipate the occurrence of humanitarian crises, future social, economic or health action plans and prevention. In this sense, satellite imagery, 3D simulation and the resulting analyses represent a considerable asset for obtaining an impartial, autonomous and demonstrable measure of local and global situations.

This solution will be implemented through the combination of complementary capabilities and will be accessible, managed, and delivered across multiple platforms.

Biography: David Convers is a product expert who currently works at Airbus Defence and Space Intelligence, a worldwide leader within the domain of Earth observation. He is specifically leading the business and product development of OneAtlas Analytics, a suite of AI-powered capacities to extract insights from satellite imagery. Previously, David worked as an innovation manager in Aerospace Valley, the world competitiveness cluster in Aerospace technologies. David holds a Master of Engineering in Telecom science as well as a Master in Innovation Management.


Biography: Frédéric Gille graduated in mechanical engineering development from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon. From 1990 to 2008, he was a simulation engineer at Aerospatiale missile, Matra automobile, PSA Peugeot Citroën in fields such as crash, thermal, kinematics, aerodynamics. He then joined the EXA company as Director Technical and Business development in the fields of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and thermal management; For 4 years, at Dassault Systemes, Simulia brand, he is Industry Business Senior Consultant in charge of developing new application areas.

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