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Forum Teratec 2021
Wednesday June 23

Workshop 03 - 14:00 to 16:00

CyberThreats, welcome to a new World !
Chaired by Stéphane Perez, Cybersecurity Project Officer, CEA

The Nightmare of Securing a Multi-Purpose Computer Centre
By Stefan Lüders, Computer Security Officer, CERN

The CERN main computer centre has a multitude of purposes: serving CERN's user community and its "office" needs, helping the administrative sector with HR & finance applications, providing compute & storage for physics analyses locally and worldwide through the “Worldwide LHC Computing Grid” network, and running IT services for the operation of physics experiments and accelerators.

The overlap of those IT provisionings between the competing use-cases is enormous making computer security a tremendous challenge. Worse, even where service separation is possible, the vertical stack of hardware/IPMI, virtualisation, containerisation, and on-top applications undoes such a separation as does the need for central configuration management and central service provisioning...

This presentation shall outline these problems from a computer security perspective, hoping for better solutions in the future.

Biography: Stefan Lüders, PhD, graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and joined the European Organization for Particle Physics (CERN) in 2002. Since 2009, he is heading the CERN Computer Security Incident Response Team as CERN’s Computer Security Officer with the mandate to coordinate all aspects of CERN’s computer security – office computing security, computer centre security, GRID computing security and control system security – whilst taking into account CERN’s operational needs. Dr.  Lüders has presented on computer security and control system cyber-security topics at many different occasions to international bodies, governments, and companies, and published several articles.

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