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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Electric/Electronic Architecture as an Enabler for Connected Mobility and Automated Driving
Dr. Matthias Traub, Head of Automotive IoT and E/E Architecture, BMW AG

Through the cooperate strategy “Number One> Next” relevant action fields for the BMW Group's digital transformation are set. This implies not only to “re-invent” the car itself but further the automotive electric/electronic architecture (e/e) in particular. Essentially the aim is to modify existing and future vehicles as well as services to realize customer-perceived, personalized, digital premium products. The design of all products and services is based on their "life cycle" with the goal to optimize them economically over their lifetime period. A further goal is a fast implementation of applications and their provision to customers, similar to the CE industry e.g. for customer features and security updates.

With these objectives, the BMW Group is working on a future e/e architecture vision, which provides a sustainable base for the implementation of an integrated digital e/e infrastructure (vehicle - BMW backend - 3rd parties) for all applications and services.

In addition to sphere of activities are requirements for regulatory, competition and technology trends relevant input parameters. For the future e/e architecture, BMW Research develops the necessary e/e building blocks in close cooperation with the product development departments and external partners. The objective is to develop a solution in which BMW can concentrate on its core competencies. Main priority is a standardization and cost optimization. Moreover, aim is to implement a "continuous deployment" by a standardized and homogenous e/e architecture and thus to offer BMW customers a product which is always up-to-date over its whole lifetime.

Biography : Dr. Matthias Traub is the head of Automotive IoT and E/E Architecture at BMW AG, a position he has held since April 2017. Prior to this,

Dr. Traub spent seven years with BMW AG as an architect for e/e (powertrain and chassis), and later as chief architect and head of the e/e architecture platform. In addition, Dr. Traub spent three years at Daimler AG as an engineer for gateway ECU.

Dr. Traub completed his studies in electrical and systems engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, from where he also earned a Ph.D. with a thesis titled “Networking Architectures In-Vehicles”.

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