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Tuesday 11 June 2019

Autonomous and mobility of tomorrow

Animated by Sophy CAULIER, journalist

For several experiments purposes, driverless cars are already on the roads of some American cities, carrying passengers, delivering parcels... autonomous systems are used in many mobility means of transport: subways, trains, boats or submarines, cars or trucks, and planes. The autonomy of means of transport does not only provide solutions for passengers. For example, drones or other delivery "vehicles" have come to operate which may offer an answer to do the "extra mile", agriculture already using more and more drones and robots.

Should autonomous systems learn to reason like humans and make decisions when problems arise? Will they be able to do it? Or should they remain under our permanent control? Beyond the acceptability of such autonomy for passengers: what technologies must be implemented in terms of hardware (IoT, 5G...), software and algorithms to ensure that autonomous systems do find their calling in our cities?

With the participation of :

John MORELLE, Business Development Manager HPC, Bechtle
Ulrich PLECHSCHMIDT, Worldwide Cray Storage Marketing, Cray Computer
Jean-Thomas ACQUAVIVA, Senior researcher, DDN Storage
Yossi ELBAZ, SVP Marketing and Head Technical computing, Mellanox Technologies

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