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Workshop 6 - Wednesday, June 20 from 14h00 to 17h30


Building Information Model : new synergies and practices from construction professionals and owners to users
Arnaud COSTA LE VAILLANT, Abvent Services Manager / Groupe ABVENT,

From generative design to real-time immersion and design-build processes management, Open BIM pioneer, groupe Abvent is a major player of BIM today.

The Open BIM pository modelled by the architect is the source of construction project data. 

This digital model of the building is the core for all the knowledgeable design team. Each profession, architect, civil, MEP, structural, thermal, environmental engineers as cost managers… all are able to bring their expertise to this concurrent engineering support.

This is this model that will be used to simulate and control the construction of the building. As a source of qualitative and quantitative data, it will exchanges and contracts basis with builders. It will also serve for schedule and plan all the actors of the site. 

Bearer of builders know-how and of the reality of the site, constantly enriched, this model, as built, will serve as a repository for the owner for his own work, completed by his own technical and regulatory information. 

Beyond theses uses, currently in full deployment, new possibilities emerge in project communication. 

It can be technical on the project progress but also for existing’s diagnosis. With a graphical view of external technical and social data, it can serve as a decision tool for the owner. And now, project owners and managers can offer to users a navigation in a simulated environment, directly on their smartphones and pads, so that everyone can project himself into the future building.

Biography : Technical and management degrees holder, with many years working for largest IT manufacturers, Arnaud Costa Le Vaillant has been involved, since its beginning in uses changes by the implementation of digital solutions, always in users approach. Leading consultants team, his mission is to support architects, builders and construction professionals in integration and practice of the most relevant technological innovations. At the initiative of the first French Open BIM Tour in 2016/2017, he mobilized, around Abvent, 5 publishers of 8 softwares to explain and demonstrate the BIM and IFC format to construction professionals around 20 French cities; he regularly leads conferences and workshops on BIM: BIMworld, Batimat, Centrale Paris, MS BIM, EduBIM, etc.
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