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TERATEC Forum 2015
Workshop 7 - Wednesday, June 24 from 14:00 to 17:30
Innovative storage and IO technologies for exascale

IME: Write-Anywhere Fault Tolerant I/O Sub-System for Exascale

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The generalization of SSD is changing the storage landscape. SSD represent a complete re-organization between between latency, bandwidth and capacity. SSD devices come with their own limitations such as relatively high price/capacity ratio and a rapid aging rate.

DDN considers that all these novelties can not be handled by evolutionary means, and is proposing a novel software layer in order to harness the potential of SSD. Infinite Memory Engine (IME) is a burst buffer project which aims to integrate SSDs into the parallel storage stratum. IME purpose is to serve as a mediator between High Performance Computing clients and existing parallel file systems which will be used for long term data storage. The technical innovation of this design is the combining of non-deterministic write methods with inferential data location techniques based on address domains. By combining these techniques IME aims to provide system support for extremely fast data puts into a set of I/O nodes while supporting a consistent read view of the entire underlying file system. In addition to these goals, the system will interact with the underlying parallel files system in a manner which provides the highest possible level of efficiency.

Jean-Thomas Acquaviva a travaillé successivement pour Intel, l'Université de Versailles et le CEA. Après avoir participé à la création de leur laboratoire commun Exascale Research Center, il contribue aujourd'hui activement à la mise sur pieds et au développement du centre de R&D de Data DirectNetWork en France. Jean-thomas est l'auteur d'une vingtaine de publications centrées sur l’optimisation de performance. Il est titulaire d'un doctorat de l'université de Versailles effectué au CEA/DAM.

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