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TERATEC Forum 2015
Workshop 3 - Wednesday, June 24 from 9:00 to 12:30
Architectures for HPC/HPDA – a few trends and perspectives

Bridging the power/performance gap to Exascale
Giri CHUKKAPALLI, Technical Director, Server Chip Architecture, BROADCOM

A fundamental issue facing the semiconductor industry today is that in deep sub-micron both Dennard scaling and Moore's law are waning, and this trend looks to accelerate over the next decade. At the same time, the Exascale challenge requires an increase of 25 to 50 times sustained performance/Watt from what today's hardware provides. We believe that this discrepancy will be only be addressed with architectural innovations, in the context of applications and algorithm evolution.

In this talk, we will discuss the trends for applications and algorithms over the next decade and how tailored ARM implementations can provide real sustained application gains to enable Exascale.




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