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Welcome to the TERATEC 2010 Forum
June 15 & 16, 2010, Ecole Polytechnique (91, France)

High performance Simulation and Computing for competitiveness, innovation and employment

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The international HPC event
By gathering the best international experts in high performance numerical design and simulation, the TERATEC Forum is the major event in France and in Europe in this domain. It confirms the importance of this sector in the development of industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity.

TERATEC 2009 Forum, The TERATEC 2009 Forum, bringing together more than 600 people, highlighted the economic and scientific dynamism of HPC for key industries and services and the new role now played by France in this field.

During plenary sessions, senior industry and ICT officials have delivered their testimonies on HPC benefit. The exhibition and the workshops have confirmed the interest and motivation of the supercomputing community on various and important topics.

TERATEC Forum 2010 will concentrate on the very fast development of HPC usage in many various domains.

Come and meet the HPC community around those technological and economic challenges.

  • On Tuesday, June 15, the plenary sessions will illustrate the increasing impact of HPC in many areas of industry and research, and its role in major scientific and technological challenges, with the participation of industrial users, of international leading suppliers, and of personalities from the political, economical and academic worlds.

The day will begin by presentations from government officials (French Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment, Essonne Regional Council, European Commission, US Department of Energy) followed by industry representatives from technology companies and large users, and will include a panorama of existing and new usages presented by IDC.

With the participation of Christine LAGARDE, French Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment - Gerard ROUCAIROL, Ter@tec - Thierry MANDON, Essonne Regional Council - Zoran STANčIč , European Commission - Michael STRAYER, DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research - Earl JOSEPH, IDC - Jean GONNORD, CEA - Leonardo Flores ANOVER, Commission Européenne - Bruno STOUFFLET, Dassault Aviation - Pierre FIORINI, HPC Project - Hervé CHARRUE, CSTB - Guillaume DEVAUCHELLE, Valeo - Jean-Charles HOURCADE, ACADEMIE DES TECHNOLOGIES

The plenary session will end with the Bull Joseph Fourier Prize, organized in association with Genci with the participation of Philippe VANNIER, CEO BULL and Catherine RIVIERE, CEO GENCI.

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  • An exhibition of some fifty booths will present innovations coming from the major players, manufacturers and software editors, integrators and distributors, services providers, etc.

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  • On Wednesday, June 16, workshops will address HPC major topics (scientific visualization, image synthesis & virtual reality, systems architecture & parallel programming, design of complex systems, mobility & sustainable city, etc) and will be an opportunity to discover some major collaborative projects under development between industry and research

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Our goal is to bring together decision makers and high level scientists from the industrial and the academic worlds, coming mainly from Europe but including representatives of the major international initiatives, and also representatives of competitiveness clusters.

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