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Wednesday, June 15 - Technical Workshop

Workshop 5 - 2:00 to 6:00 pm

What's new with qubits? A European view
Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdière, HPC International Expert, CEA and Jean-Philippe Nominé, Fellow in HPC, CEA


A lean roadmap towards a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer
By Blaise Vignon, Chief Product Officer, Alice&Bob

Crédit : Further Studio, Nil Hoppenot


Cat qubits hold a lot of promise for implementing a universal quantum computer. Alice&Bob and Amazon chose this technology to build their roadmap.

During this workshop, we will explain the latest advances proving the technical feasibility of this roadmap.

We will also demonstrate through numerical simulation the benefits that this technology presents when implementing error correction codes.

Biography: Blaise Vignon is Chief Product Officer at Alice&Bob. He started his career at nVidia in the Bay Area.

Back in France, he held Business Development responsibilities at Microsoft. He then joined Criteo where is developed his Product Management skills which he then applied in other French Tech startups.

He is a graduate from Polytechnique, Stanford and Insead

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