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Wednesday, June 15 - Technical Workshop

Workshop 5 - 2:00 to 6:00 pm

What's new with qubits? A European view
Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdière, HPC International Expert, CEA and Jean-Philippe Nominé, Fellow in HPC, CEA


Quantum Computing with neutral atoms
By Loïc Henriet, CTO, Pasqal

The manipulation of neutral atoms by light is at the heart of countless scientific discoveries in the field of quantum physics in the last three decades.

The level of control that has been achieved at the single particle level within arrays of optical traps, while preserving the fundamental properties of quantum matter (coherence, entanglement, superposition), makes these technologies prime candidates to implement disruptive computation paradigms. In this talk, we will briefly review the main characteristics of these devices from atoms / qubits to application interfaces.

We illustrate how applications ranging from machine learning challenges to simulation of quantum systems can be explored either at the digital level (programming gate-based circuits) or at the analog level (programming Hamiltonian sequences).

Biography: I hold an engineering and a PhD degree in physics from Ecole Polytechnique.

After several years as a researcher at the Institute for Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona, I joined Pasqal, a Paris-based company manufacturing Quantum Processing Units to solve the most complex computational problems in Science and industry.

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