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Wednesday, June 15 - Technical Workshop

Workshop 5 - 2:00 to 6:00 pm

What's new with qubits? A European view
Chaired by Guillaume Colin de Verdière, HPC International Expert, CEA and Jean-Philippe Nominé, Fellow in HPC, CEA

Ubiquitous Quantum Accelerators Based on NV-Centers in Diamond
By Dr. Florian Preis, Head of Quantum Software and Applications, Quantum Brilliance

We start with a brief overview of the history of Quantum Brilliance and then learn about quantum computing based on NV-centers in diamond.

Quantum accelerators based on NV-centers in diamond work in ambient conditions and have significant potential for miniaturization.

By considering the technological constraints and advantages of such a platform, we explore potential applications of these devices and conclude with a discussion on Quantum Brilliance’s proposals for benchmarking quantum computers which focus on the usefulness and economic value of quantum computers.

Biography: Dr Florian Preis is a theoretical physicist and Data Scientist. As the Quantum Software and Applications Team Lead at Quantum Brilliance GmbH in Germany he is exploring applications for massively parallelized quantum accelerators and applications for edge quantum computing. As a physicist he worked in the field of quantum gravity and on applications of the so-called gauge gravity duality in quantum chromo dynamics at the Technische Universität Wien. Prior to joining Quantum Brilliance, he designed and delivered solutions in automation projects at IBM and was part of IBM Quantum as IBM Quantum Ambassador.

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