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Forum Teratec 2022
Tuesday June 14

Hybridization of architectures

Speakers have discussed the evolution of HPC, Cloud, Edge Computing, IoT technologies and the upcoming rise of exascale and quantum, to expand the field of possibilities for applications. They also highlighted the aspects of data sovereignty and security, without forgetting the energy sobriety imposed by sustainable development.

Animated by Jean-François Prevéraud with the participation of the sponsors :

Adrien Badina
Directeur Innovation
Jérémie Bourdoncle
Senior Director Strategic Partnership
Jérôme Stoller
Head of Software & AI R&D
Laurent Thiers
Vice President EMEA
DDN Storage
Emilie Gaudu
HPC & AI Business Dev for France
Dell Technologies
Pierre Hoffer
Directeur Presales EMEA HPC & IA
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jean-Laurent Philippe
EMEA HPC Director
Intel Corporation

For further information about the plenary sessions, please contact:

Jean-Pascal JEGU
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2, rue de la Piquetterie



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