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December 7, 2015 - Bolstered by its expertise in numerical simulation and software development, SILKAN Company announces the availability of the first version of its new product BuilderTM.

BuilderTM is a software integration platform constituting a real tool for the dissemination and  extension of the use of complex simulations applied to part and system design.

BUILDERTM aims to standardize and facilitate the use of numerical simulation while shipping quality insurance. It allows and facilitates the:

  • Setting up of various types of simulation workflow, coming from commercial, in house or open-source software;

  • Automatic setting and parameterization of simulations;

  • Coupling of different simulation kinds (multi-physics, multi-scale, multi-trades…) and optimization and / or analysis tools (Data Analytics).

  • Monitoring of robustness and quality of simulations provided to subcontractors, and design office teams.

BuilderTM is both accessible to experts and beginners in simulation / optimization fields. It meets a need to structure the use of numerical simulation and to extend its use to Small and medium size companies.

For more information thank you to contact :
Samir Ben Chaabane - Tel : +33 7 82 12 25 77 - Mail
Patrick Saliou - Tel : + 33 6 66 82 36 02 - Mail

January 25, 2013 - SILKAN is establishing offices on Teratec campus at Bruyères le Châtel
Interview of Jacques DUYSENS, General Manager & Chief Operating officer of SILKAN

Teratec : SILKAN is the new name for HPC-Project company which had a tremendous development in 2012. Can you tell us about the key milestones of this rapid development?

JDS :The key milestones consist in the merge with ARION activities (developing applications based on a distributed communications deterministic and high performance BUS), the development of the product brand TUTOR, a platform enabling the development and the customization of low-cost top level state-of-the-art training simulators, the assessment of our expertise  and leadership in modeling and simulation dedicated to defense applications on the Eurosatory (Paris) and I/ITSEC (Orlando) exhibition, and the opening of SILKAN SOLUTIONS Inc office in Montreal for the development of our operations in North America. And of course, 2012 has been the time when we decided to install offices onto the Teratec Campus in Bruyères-le-Châtel.

Teratec  : Why having decided to open offices on the Teratec Campus ?

JDS : First it is important to recall that the high performance computing is one of the major pillars of our offers, as is critical safety. In SILKAN our core business is to develop and integrate high performance simulation solutions to support design, operational training, maintenance, and dismantlement of complex systems requiring high safety level. You understand easily then how important it is, even fundamental for us to master leading-edge technologies in high performance computing: advanced algorithms for parallelization, models reduction techniques, high performance computational geometry modeling, use of last generation processors for embedded and non-embedded simulations, cloud computing  etc …..Concerning for example cloud computing,  I am personally convinced that this key discipline of HPC will be relevant for new generation high safety level critical systems (for both civil and military applications) considering the following important advantages: unlimited IT infrastructure flexibility and increased mission flexibility.

The proximity of the campus with the TGCC and the CEA DAM, the installation of techno-providers in hardware and software fields, the settlement of on demand supercomputing offers like NUMINOV,  provide a unique environment for our company. We will have with us on the campus key partners of our R&D projects launched within the framework of the competitivity clusters SYSTEMATIC and ASTECH. We are also a partner of the IRT SYSTEMX and want to be a major partner of the IRT for the development of advanced research programs in modeling & simulation on the Teratec campus.

Teratec : Can you tell more about your installation on the campus ?

JDS : We have decided to install the office on the campus with key partners. We have chosen a global surface of 400 m2 we are going to occupy with the following partners:

  • CMI-France: French R&D entity of the Belgian Group CMI for which we develop training simulators and different simulation solutions for weapon systems developed by the defense branch of the group.

  • Avantis-Technology: a design office specialized in aeronautics. We are developing a common offer for the development of test-beds with Avantis .

Teratec  : Which are the main activities dedicated to the Teratec campus ?

JDS : Major activities will consist, on one hand in the realization of R&D projects in the field of numerical simulation for our own needs, and on the other hand, the development of new simulation-based and HPC-based systems in synergy with our campus partners.

Our Teratec offices will include a show-room for our customers and partners in order to present our products and brands: simulation platforms, training simulators platforms.

SILKAN will also participate to training activities organized on the campus. As an example, we have significantly contributed to the design of a forthcoming master course dedicated to High Performance Computing with "Ecole Centrale de Paris" and the Teratec association.

Teratec : What does the calendar of SILKAN new office show?

JDS : we have planned to be operational by the second quarter of 2013 to start our activities with our partners on the campus.


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