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November 28, 2014 - NICE and Amazon

NICE is pleased to announce the availability of a new AWS Test Drive for NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), based the graphics-accelerated G2 instances. This AWS Test Drive allows potential users to test the performance of NICE DCV using the high performance graphics provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), preconfigured with sample 3D applications and models to run real life tests on the AWS Cloud.

Read more : http://aws.amazon.com/testdrive/hpc/
Read more : http://www.nice-software.com/testdrive

November 28, 2014 - NICE and NVIDIA

NICE has become a NVIDIA GRID Software Virtualization Solution Partner. With NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), users can leverage the power of NVIDIA GRID GPUs and the flexibility to access both Linux and Windows® Virtual Desktops optimized for 3D and graphics-intensive applications.

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November 28, 2014 - NICE and ANSYS

The AWS Test Drive demonstration uses the Nice Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) software to help you evaluate the interactive response and graphics performance that are possible when running ANSYS on AWS. Using Nice DCV's remote rendering capability, you'll be harnessing the power of two AWS instances — one high-memory instance and one GPU-enabled instance — to replicate the experience offered by an advanced desktop workstation.

Read more : http://www.ansys-blog.com/ansys-on-the-cloud/
Pour en savoir plus : http://www.ansys.com/testdrive

November 28, 2014 - NICE and SGI

This new solution enables Nagoya University to create high-resolution 3D images that will drive education and research in areas including plasma fluid, earthflow phenomenon and medical fields. The deployment also includes SGI® VizServer® with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization™ software to enable Nagoya University to seamlessly conduct joint research with other centers across Japan. Currently the system is utilized by the High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI), a computational environment that connects the diversified supercomputing needs of universities and research institutions in Japan through a high speed network. SGI VizServer enables work in progress to be shared with researchers at different campuses and makes it possible for multiple users to simultaneously utilize 3D visualization images from remote PCs.

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September 5, 2014 - Focus on several R&D Projects


Partners: NICE - Università di Ingegneria di Cagliari
Partners' web site: http://www.nice-software.com - http://www.diee.unica.it/
Keywords: Coud, Remote Visualization, Virtualization, DirectX, VDI brokering, compression algorithm

Abstract: The project's objective is to seek, investigate and implement advanced technologies for remote visualization and execution, in a virtual environment, of 2D/3D interactive applications based on DirectX.
Starting from the state of the art, the project 's activities will be focused on three main themes:

  • Study of a performing protocol for remote visualization, with particular reference to limited bandwidth or high latency networks ;
  • Study of technologies that allow  to run 3D accelerated applications DirectX-based on virtual machines;
  • Analysis of models for an intelligent VDI sessions brokering.

The technologies studied in these three specific contexts will be tested through the implementation of POC (Proof of Concept) that will evaluate the quality and the performance achieved, compared to those offered by the products available on the market.

Cloud for Remote Visualization

Partners: NICE - CRS4
Partners' web site: http://www.nice-software.com - http://www.crs4.it
Keywords: Coud, Remote Visualization, Virtualization, OpenGL, Middleware, Web Portal, Session Manager

Abstract: The project aims to develop a new technology platform dedicated to solve typically complex problems of engineering applications, through the use of cloud computing services and remote visualization of large volumes of data. The solution proposed allows to provide services of high complexity through any Internet-connected device (laptop, smartphone, iPad tablet and in general) in safety, without loss of performance. These technologies must be able to balance the computational load on remote infrastructure, sized according on the actual needs of the applications.

The solution proposes to create a centralized web interface, which allows users to use the hardware and software resources remotly shared. The added value of the proposed solution involves the integration between the services of Cloud computing, a portal for access to applications and the remote visualization of processed data. The platform is composed of several layers:
• Architecture and Cloud Management
• Web Portal Access
• Remote Display 2D / 3D
• Applications for the simulation of complex scenarios


Partners: NICE -  NextAge
Partners' web site: http://www.nice-software.com - http://nextage-on.com/
Keywords: big data, analytics, hpc, hadoop, interface

Abstract: The idea of this project is basically the creation of a service, accessible via web (both
with its graphical interface, either by API), to process complex data, to be used especially for taking marketing decisions. By complex data, we mean "Big Data", then data very heterogeneous between them (texts, numbers, data of different databases and sources ..) and / or large (gigabyte, terabyte, in addition, godzillioni of records, etc.) and / or with many variables (eg shopping behavior of a customer of a bank, spending profiles and the amount of data that the bank collects). The objective is to create something new and offer it to the market in the form of / platform as a service, with reuse/resale/licensing agreements. 

06.09.2013 : NICE EnginFrame 2013 Redefines Management of 3D and 2D Remote Visualization Sessions in the Technical Cloud

NICE  (Italy) recently announced the release of EnginFrame 2013.0, the new enhanced version of its popular high-performance computing (HPC) application portal.

EnginFrame 2013.0 now offers built-in management of 3D and 2D remote visualization sessions, improved data transfer capabilities and a great number of new features and enhancements addressing both end users’ and system administrators’ needs.

Among the new version's highlights are:

  • Creation, management and sharing of 2D/3D Remote Visualization Sessions: enables enterprises to deploy “engineering-friendly” virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) throughout their organization.
  • Multi-cluster and multi-scheduler support: connects the same EnginFrame server to multiple clusters, even running heterogeneous job schedulers.
  • Integrated service scheduler: allows the unattended execution of EnginFrame services.
  • Multi-protocol, parallel and reliable file transfers: allows the users to efficiently and reliably upload huge files from their client to the data center.
  • Automated management of included files: parses the input data to discover and automatically upload included files.
  • Improved “Remote File Browser” functionality: enables the user to efficiently browse their remote data.
  • Enhanced administration portal: enable the administrators to monitor server load, license usages and other usage statistics.
Furthermore, two important new components have been added to the EnginFrame product:
  • EnginFrame Views: a powerful but intuitive VDI broker, perfectly integrated with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) and other popular remote display protocols.

  • NEUTRO: a flexible remote task executor for Windows visualization clusters.

NICE, a TeraTec member since 2010 is a pioneer in High Performance Computing, Technical and Engineering Cloud solutions, delivering products and services to hundreds of customers worldwide, including many Fortune 2000 customers in Automotive, Aerospace, Oil&Gas, Pharmaceutical, Government and Education markets.



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