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In November 2013, KALRAY opend a US office in Silicon Valley and attended the SC13 in Denver, USA and demonstrated the world’s first hyper scalable 1000+ cores MIMD processor architecture (about 1 TeraFlops at less than 30 Watts, and up to 0.5 TeraBytes of DDR) for Next Generation ExaFLOP Supercomputer.

This MPPA SCoC (SuperComputer on a Chip) hyper scalable architecture, is the only one available for next generation exaflop supercomputers. Indeed, breaking the exaflops barrier becomes realistic, thanks to its low power characteristics and the NoC extension (NoCX).

This disruptive KALRAY’s massively parallel processor has low power, scalable and deterministic characteristics which makes it the best suitable solution for embedded intensive computing.

It minimizes the TCO (i.e. Total Cost of Ownership) both by reducing CAPEX (i.e. Capital Expenditures) & OPEX (i.e. Operating Expenses), thus maximizing the total ROI (i.e. Return On Investment).

Beginning 2014, for the first time, KALRAY has participated in the world famous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It has exhibited in the EUREKA Park TechZone dedicated to startups with exhibiting ground breaking technologies. KALRAY demonstrated image and video processing applications and more specifically a low power, live Ultra HD (4K) HEVC encoder in collaboration with DivX.

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