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Atelier 5 - Mercredi 29 juin de 14h00 à 17h30
Visualisation et Multimédia

Creative User-Centered Design and Validation of Visualizations in HPC

Abstract : The use of user-centered design (UCD) process added to agile techniques helps identify opportunities for the visualization of data generated by high performance computing simulations. Visualization prototypes developed in this way prove effective in a situation whereby data sets are largely unknown and requirements open, enabling successful exploration of possibilities for visualization data analysis. These methodologies promote new designs and design metaphors. The deliberate use of UCD techniques with data users is a guarantee to successful and effective solutions; Using creativity techniques and validation early in the design process may result in a improvement approach persisting throughout the process. Our work constitutes the first systematic visualization design approach for a data rich source that will be increasingly important to the development of steering and analytic tools.

Bio : Luz Calvo is a User Experience Researcher in the Scientific Visualization group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. She is a technical engineer in Telecommunications with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and User Experience (UX). She is also the professor of information architecture in the University of La Rioja (UNIR) and of UX in Design School in Barcelona (BAU). She has more than seven years of professional experience in several private technological consultancies as UX Manager and Interaction Designer.

She has been working for two years as a User Experience Researcher in the Visualization team at BSC. The main tasks were conceptualizing and designing a responsive application for visualization of molecular dynamics data. She used user centered design methodologies to improve the usability of the tool and align it to the user requirements and expectations. She also managed the design of complex interaction problems related to the use of multiple devices (running on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, immersive virtual enviroments). For these projects she used a battery of validation technics, as well as usability tests and eye tracker analysis.

On the visualization department, she has collaborated in several projects, improving her expertise about measuring the usability of visual representations and visualization tools. Furthermore, she has solid experience in driving usability testing, running heuristics studies and performing information architecture of web and mobile internet applications.

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