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Atelier 7 - Mercredi 24 juin de 14h00 à 17h30
L’innovation en technologies de stockage et de flux de données pour l'exascale

IO for Exascale

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The coming together of Exascale Computing and Big Data is posing new challenges to storage and I/O systems. The new class of BDEC , or Big Data Extreme Computing systems need to address both simulation I/O and massive external data sets being introduced as part of simulation workflows. Existing Big Data technologies and infrastructures are not suited for dealing with the deluge of data that is well exemplified in near future scientific instruments. Existing file system and Object Storage Technologies are plagued by reliability and scalability problems even though, for the time being, these Object Storage solutions can address some of the drawbacks of Parallel File Systems.

In this talk we look at the critical requirements in the design of a new generation of Exascale/Exabyte class storage systems for these new use cases. We will also address some of the opportunities in exploiting, and drawbacks in using incumbent Object Storage Technologies and Exascale oriented I/O stacks. 

Key Terms: Exascale, Exascale I/O, BDEC, Object Storage, Parallel File Systems

Malcolm Muggeridge is Senior Director, Engineering; responsible for managing collaborative research at Seagate Systems UK. He joined Seagate through its acquisition of Xyratex in 2014 and was with Xyratex at its creation as a management buyout from IBM in 1994.

Malcolm has more than 37 years experience through his employment with IBM and Xyratex in the Technology, manufacturing, quality and reliability of Disk drives and Networked data storage systems and in recent years has focused on HPC data storage, architecting and managing designs and new technologies across many products.

Most recently he has been focused on Strategic Innovation and Business development, Research and Technology. He is a steering board member of the ETP4HPC helping define research objectives for future within Europe and is active in the Partnership board of the cPPP on HPC. He is a member of the UK eInfrastructure board with Special interest in HPC.
Malcolm has a degree in Electronics from Liverpool University.

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