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Atelier 2 - Mercredi 24 juin de 9h00 12h30
Big Data : Optimiser la prise de décision grâce aux Data Analytics

Intel and big analytics

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With big data technologies becoming more commonplace, finding the valuable information in the data is the new challenge. How can intel help in doing this work?

Richard PILLING is a Director with experience across a broad range of technologies for enterprise systems. His focus is to assist Intel’s clients with development and integration of strategies incorporating Big Data, Analytics and IoT solutions into the fabric of their IT systems. He draws from his experiences designing and implementing systems from the perspective of infrastructure, computing systems, and applications. Previous Roles Include: EMEA Chief Architect at Intel, Principal Architect at Oracle/Sun, EMEA Steering Committee lead for Big Data at Oracle, Practice Lead & Principal UNIX Architect for Savvis, Infrastructure Architect for Virgin Media.

Expertise: IT, Enterprise Systems Architecture & Governance, Big Data, Distributed Computing, SaaS, Infrastructure, IoT.










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