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Forum TERATEC 2014
Atelier 5 - Mercredi 2 juillet de 14h00 17h30
HPC & Big Data logiciels et outils

Maximize the efficiency of your cluster with Allinea tools

EMEA Presales Engineer, ALLINEA

Abstract : Clusters are valuable assets which have an important role : serve as platforms to generate scientific results as fast as possible to enable swift progress. Although trying to increase the time to result by adding more nodes and/or mode accelerators is still commonly perceived as the way to go, new challenges (such as Exascale) remind us every day that more computing power does not necessarily translate into more science.

A significant part of the HPC complexity resides in the applications being developed and used by the scientists. Even the most optimized applications can behave poorly (in terms of performance or energy consumption) if they are not used properly. With this in mind, making the right choices to run "faster" or "better" can be incredibly difficult - especially in big facilities where the amount of applications and users is important. To ensure that the objectives of an HPC center are reached, tools exist on the system side to understand what servers are used and how much power they consume. But how about the application perspective ? Shouldn't application monitoring tools and profilers provide complementary information in production as well ?

During this session, we will discover how new Allinea tools can be used to help the HPC community - from the system administrators willing to reduce the applications energy footprint to the end-users trying to find the ideal recipe to run their application quickly.

Biographie :Patrick WOHLSCHLEGEL
Patrick graduated with an MSc from Bordeaux Graduate School of Engineering (ENSEIRB), specializing in parallelism and distributed systems. After being trained in Japan at the University of Kumamoto, he went to IBM in Paris as a pre-sales benchmarker. Through the experience he gained, he was then given the opportunity to create an HPC activity within a vendor reseller in France, Ovesys. As he developed the relationships between Ovesys and key HPC actors to design, build and deploy HPC centers, he naturally discovered Allinea and their world-famous software tools. When he was offered the opportunity to work within this dynamic company, he simply couldn't refuse! Today, Patrick is based in Warwick (UK) and works as Technical Services Manager - sharing his expertise in HPC software tools to users all around the world.

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