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Forum TERATEC 2014
Atelier 1 - Mercredi 2 juillet 9h00 à 12h30
Evolutions des applications et des architectures HPC & Big Data Influences, confluences

Data Storage for the era of Converged Big Data and HPC

Principal Solutions Architect HPC Solutions, XYRATEX

Abstract : In 2014, organisations face a tremendous opportunity to extract commercial, scientific and/or strategic value from the exponential growth of digital data. Distributed processing software solutions such as Hadoop, running on industry-standard compute clusters, have made in-roads into data-intensive scientific computing. In these environments, it is proven that parallel file-systems, such as Lustre, offer benefits over HDFS by reducing the number of required data copies and allowing HPC users to run Hadoop by leveraging their existing parallel storage solution.

From a security perspective, data may have different classifications and must therefore be implemented with a high degree of protection. Typically, this is executed by implementing entirely separate, stand-alone storage silos. Xyratex Secure Data Appliance is the world's first parallel storage to achieve ICD-503 (DCID 6/3 PL4) compliance - negating the need for multiple storage silos for different levels of data security classifications. Large active data archives are becoming prevalent for research data. Typically based on object file systems, they provide massive capacity scalability, enhanced data protection, disaster recovery and interoperability with a huge variety of clients. Leveraging the Lustre policy engine, Xyratex is expanding the capabilities of high-performance storage by tightly integrating its ClusterStor engineered solutions with massively scalable active archives.

Biographie : Torben KLING-PETERSEN
Torben Kling Petersen has worked with high performance computing in one form or another since 1994 and is currently working as the Principal Architect in Xyratex HPC Solutions Group. Over the years, both in Sun Microsystems and subsequently in Oracle, he has worked in a number of capacities such as lead architect for enterprise datacenter infrastructure for several telecommunication OEMs, technical lead for IPTV and product specialist for high-end visualization, and global architect for the Lustre BdM team as well as a Cloud Computing infrastructure architect to mention a few. Over the years, Torben has worked on many large HPC systems around the world including Sandia Red Sky in the US, ANU/BOM in Australia, CHPC in South Africa, ETH Zürich and many others in Europe. In addition to compute and storage systems, Torben has also worked on data center design including the new CSCS datacenter in Lugano, Switzerland. Since joining Xyratex more than 3 years ago, Torben has helped bring a number of products to market as well as assist on a number of large ClusterStor/Sonexion wins such as CSCS, ECMWF, EPCC Archer, CHPC to mention a few.

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