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Forum TERATEC 2013
Atelier 3 - Mercredi 26 juin de 9h00 à 13h00
Big Data et HPC

Architectures for Big Data : a database perspective

Fernando VELEZ, Director of Product Management, SAP Enterprise Information Management

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Abstract : The industry of commercial analytics software has been thriving during the past years, as businesses from all kinds of industries have been collecting data and applying increasingly complex analytic computations to their data to successfully improve business performance. With the explosion of the volumes and the types of data collected, an emphasis is emerging to solve the challenges of analyzing massive, complex data sets. This talk describes the requirements of this “big data analytics” challenge, addresses the topic of the integration of general analytic computations with data management systems, and gives an overview of the current competing solutions and architectures from a database perspective.

Biography : Fernando Velez is a software technologist with an extensive career in database systems and information management. After starting as a researcher at Bull Research and INRIA in France in the mid-eighties, he joined the French object database startup O2 Technology, where he was one of the founders and the chief architect. He worked on database engine technology with the companies that acquired the rights to the O2 product line (Unidata, then Ardent), up until the late nineties. After spending some more time in the US with an internet startup and a marketing database solution player, he came back to France to work for Business Objects, where he directed the development of the modeling tool for all Business Objects (and now SAP) BI products, the popular Universe Designer and its sequel, Information Design Tool. He is now director of product management in SAP’s Enterprise Information Management unit, home to data integration, data quality and master data management products.

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