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Forum TERATEC 2013
Atelier 1 - Mercredi 26 juin de 9h00 à 13h00
Systèmes Complexes, mécatroniques et embarqués : Progrès et Verrous technologiques

Using Manycore processors in complex embedded systems

Director, Solutions and Software Services, Community Manager at KALRAY

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Abstract : Many industrial sectors such as automotive, healthcare, communication, … demands embedded or autononoos systems capable of delivering services increasingly diverse and sophisticated and requiring ever more computing power within a constrained power budget. The advent of new processor architectures called manycore both energy efficient and highly effective open new fields of applications in embedded systems but also in HPC. During this talk examples of demanding applications both in computing power and energy savings will be presented as well as the  MPPA 256 manycore processor from KALRAY on which they were implemented.

Biography : As director of Kalray's Solutions and Software Services, Laurent oversees the development of business applications for Kalray's MPPA processor family. He is also in charge of establishing strategic partnerships with the academic world and manages the relation with the community of developers.
He joined Kalray in 2012, after working for Minalogic, a competitive cluster of high-tech companies and research labs specialized in micro-nanotechnologies and embedded systems. Laurent Julliard joined Minalogic at its creation and made major contributions to its growth and success providing more than 40 M€ of R&D funding to  more than 200 members (high tech companies and  research labs).
Prior to 2006, he served for 12 years in a variety of positions with Xerox. He joined Xerox as senior project manager of Systems and Technologies in the Xerox Research Center Europe in Grenoble/France in 1994, and also  collaborated with Xerox business units and spinoffs in Rochester, NY, and Palo Alto, CA, working on customer cases. In 2001, Laurent was appointed director of “Global Infrastructure” Projects. In 2003, he became manager of a Xerox center of expertise on XML technologies, where he was in charge of defining innovative projects, incubating technologies, and initiating production for Xerox Global Services.
Earlier in his career, Laurent worked as a consultant and software development engineer at Hewlett Packard in the Medical Informatics Division. After seven years in that role, he worked in the R&D department of HP’s Network Division for four years. Appointed Network Technical Leader in the Grenoble Network Division, he regularly worked in pilot sites with U.S. customers to test next-generation products before they were put in production.
Laurent is a graduate of Institut national Polytechnique de Grenoble (Grenoble INP). He also holds a post-graduate diploma in signal and image processing.


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