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L'Actu des membres et partenaires

ECCM 2010

IV European Conference On Computational Mechanics
Solid, structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering

Paris France, may 16-21, 2010 Palais des Congrès



Communication & Systemes

Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Léonard de Vinci

Many industrials agree to say that two of the main bottlenecks of Simulation-Based Engineering Sciences (SBES) and Virtual Design Engineering are in CAD-CAE integration and in the lack of large-scale and efficient Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) tools.

On the CAD-CAE integration side, many efforts and developments are currently made both by ISVs, IT companies and simulation industrial end-users (mainly from aerospace and automotive sectors).

This mini-symposium will highlight the major improvements made in this field.

The associativity between 3D CAD-CAE models and 1D systems models will also be addressed. On the SLM side, some ISVs, IT companies and even some industrial end-users (from aerospace sector) have recently introduced pioneering SLM tools enabling to get integrated numerical process in a common Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) environment.

This mini-symposium will address the challenges to get SLM tools at the best state-of-the-art and responding to industry requirements. Such tools should allow:

  • services, data, network, computing, storage to be seen as a resource, and shared-used in a common and consistent way over non homogeneous environments;

  • predictive reliable simulation of complex multi-physics and multi-scale problems; -boosting the delivery of simulation results for accelerated time to milestones programs constraints;

  • efficient management of all applications and programs;

  • robustness, repeatability, traceability of simulation processes;

  • synchronisation and coherence between product data and simulation data;

  • automatic processes supporting. All these items will be addressed by this mini-symposium.

This proposition is sponsored by OCDS (Tools for Complex System Design) of SYSTEMATIC.

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