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Tél : +33 (0)9 67 43 37 58
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FLYING WHALES develops the LCA60T aeronautic program (Large Capacity Airship 60 tons) for low-cost and point-to-point transport of heavy and oversized loads.

Independent from transport infrastructure, the LCA60T is a revolutionary transport solution with the unique ability to load and unload dozens of tons hovering. This program brings a revolution in the transport sector, to unlock landlocked regions with very low environmental footprint.

This program was born thanks to ONERA, for the aircraft part and ONF for the technical, operational and economic part for logging, first application for this project.

In 2017, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe granted public financing to LCA60T program thanks to BPI (Public Investment Bank) and its “Investissements d’Avenir program”.

The first phase of the development plan of the first LCA60T's construction, testing and certification, is carried out by a large consortium of 30 first ranked industries and labs, led by FLYING WHALES.

Flying Whales and Teratec

FLYING WHALES, joining TERATEC, wishes to be actively involved in the joint activities organized by the association, particularly with a view to sharing experiences with other TERATEC members.

We are also ready to work within TERATEC on performance improvement objectives for software tools and on collaborative projects initiated by TERATEC or its members. Many of our R & D engineers have strong skills in scientific computing, particularly in aerodynamics and structural mechanics. They will be able to get involved in working groups within TERATEC.

Moreover, once we have taken our marks in TERATEC, we will remain at the disposal of the management team of the association for a participation in governance bodies.

R&D Project

To go into the details of the airship’s flight dynamics, different types of analysis will be carried out thanks to Teratec. This partnership will not only enable FLYING WHALES and its partners to gain a better understanding of the aeroelastic properties of the airship but will also build a deeper comprehension of the interactions between atmospheric disturbances and the structure. The LCA60T will operate in mountainous areas where variable atmospheric conditions will have a significant impact. In order to assess these conditions (wind gusts for instance), a simulation approach will bring valuable knowledge for the aerodynamics engineers at FLYING WHALES.

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