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Bâtiment 660
rue Noetzlin


Contact :

Virginie PIGEAT
Communication referent
Tel : +33 (0)1 69 15 32 32





Agenium Scale is an innovative company located at the Plateau de Saclay (European Silicone Valley) that provides software solutions for high performance computing and complex systems.

Agenium Scale also offers its expertise in the form of services related to various businesses such as automotive sector, space, rail, finance, telecoms, aeronautics, defence…

Agenium Scale assists its clients in the design, feasibility study, development, optimisation and industrialisation of their softwares. Its expertise lies in various business areas as well as in the entire software development chain and includes knowledge of processors and computation architectures.


- NSIMD is a vectorization library that abstracts SIMD programming. It is designed to exploit the maximum power of processors at a low development cost. It is a low-level C/C++ library that allows you to develop your business algorithms by taking advantage of vectorization in a simple and portable way. This allows you to obtain an acceleration factor of up to 64 in some cases by processors core without resorting to the use of more advanced techniques.
- Translator is a software that makes some architecture specific code portable to other architectures. It is a program that translates semi automatically C/C++ code specific to an architecture to code using calls to NSIMD thus making it portable.
Agenium Scale is also developping computation libraries based on both previous projects:
- a FFT
- a BLAS
- a inference engine for deep neural networks

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