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Mercredi 29 mai

Atelier 04 - De 15h00 à 18h30

Les jumeaux numériques : la révolution est en cours
Présidé par Pierre Louat, Senior Principal Application Engineer , Ansys et Cyril Baudry, Expert Senior HPC & Architecte SI Scientifique, EDF

L'évolution des jumeaux numériques dans la conception et la fabrication
Par Jean-Laurent Philippe, CT0, Intel

The idea of creating replicas of real-world objects is not new. Architects, for instance, have long built models of the buildings they propose to create. But architectural models are static. Now, instead of simple physical replicas, we can build Digital Twins (DTs)—data sets that simulate not only the physical attributes of entities (such as shape, color, and size) but also more abstract characteristics (such as strength, elasticity, conductivity, and many more). Plus, once created, Digital Twins of different objectives can be combined into Digital Twin systems, their behavior mimicking that of their real-world counterparts. That behavior can be recorded, analyzed, tested, and revised cyclically. With Digital Twins, we can now design new systems, experiment with Digital Twins of existing systems, learn how to carry out physical tasks using Digital Twins instead of actual objects, and much more. Digital Twins are changing how we design, build, and manage a wide variety of objects and systems, from simple consumer products to vast, complex manufacturing facilities. After an introduction of the concept of Digital Twins, this presentation will look more specifically at how Intel is leveraging Digital Twins in their plants and how they’re making that expertise available to manufacturers around the world.

Biographie : Dr. Jean-Laurent Philippe is the CTO for Intel EMEA. He has been with Intel 30 years where he has held multiple positions in technical support and technical sales. He has managed several teams and groups in technical presales. Most recently he was the Director for HPC at Intel EMEA. He holds a PhD from INPG (Grenoble, France) in computer science (automatic parallelization for distributed-memory supercomputers) and applied mathematics (cryptography). Jean-Laurent Philippe also owns 2 patents in Japan on automated parallelization techniques.

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